Which English Club Could Appoint Mauricio Pochettino in the Near Future?

We haven’t heard much about Mauricio Pochettino ever since
he was released as a Spurs manager. Many believed that the Argentinian
specialist will instantly find a job with so many struggling top clubs across
Europe, but he has been away from the sport for a while.

A recent interview for Sky Sports suggests that Pochettino might be interesting in staying in the English Premier League. He obviously likes the time spent with Tottenham and Southampton.

His statements made me think about his potential
destinations in the country. Let’s take a look at the different clubs that
could try to approach Pochettino.

In theory, Arsenal fit some of the criteria and there were
rumours that he might go there before Arteta was appointed. And yet, I don’t
think that Pochettino would betray Spurs in ...
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