West Ham's David Sullivan says agent threatened him with violence

• Transfer window incident involved co-owner and a player• 'It feels like gang warfare out there'West Ham co-owner David Sullivan has claimed that an agent made threats of violence against himself and one of his players during the transfer window.Sullivan told MailOnline: "In this window I have had an agent threaten me and threaten one of our West Ham players with physical violence because he thought he was being cut out of a deal."I heard of three or four agents trying to jump in on other deals. Some of these people are like scavengers. It was all deeply unpleasant and I'm glad it's over. Now we can get on with the football."Sullivan's comments come a few days after QPR manager Harry Redknapp described agents' behaviour as being "like gang warfare".Sullivan said: "Harry Redknapp was right: it feels like gang warfare out there and I can see it spill...
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