Sacking managers often does not work – just look at the Premier League | Eni Aluko

Hasenhüttl’s Southampton turnaround has been impressive while West Ham might end up giving Pellegrini a £10m severance package for little gainMany of clubs have spent the season yo-yoing around the Premier League. In early November Bournemouth were seventh and Brighton were eighth, and now both are fighting relegation; Crystal Palace were seventh at the start of December and they aren’t looking comfortable; Southampton have looked doomed, looked safe and now look uncertain again; Burnley have crossed the halfway line eight times. Beneath the top two, there is real competitive balance: people have always said that in the Premier League anyone can beat anyone, and this year – aside from Liverpool, and Manchester City when they turn it on – it is actually true.As a result there are unexpected teams at the top, where Leicester are still going toe to toe...
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