Premier League: 10 things to look out for this weekend | Barry Glendenning and Jacob Steinberg

Nigel Adkins comes face to face with Mauricio Pochettino, Paolo Di Canio can finally let the football do the talking and Harry Redknapp on why QPR don't need a miracleIs another Carlos Tevez sulk on the way?The Argentinian has already demonstrated occasional reluctance to gad about in a high-vis bib since joining Manchester City, famously declining to warm up when instructed to do so by Roberto Mancini during last season's Champions League. It will be intriguing to see his on-field reaction to the news that he'll have to do it for a whopping 250 hours as punishment for repeated motoring offences. His sentence is just shy of 36 seven-hour working days and he is unlikely to have put much of a dent in it come season's end. Despite being spared jail, he wouldn't be human if he didn't feel hard done by, so it will be intriguing to find out if another epi...
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