Neil Ruddock: ‘Souness wouldn’t drop players, he would tackle you instead’

Former defender discusses tricking Liverpool’s physio, winding up Eric Cantona and getting bullets in the postNeil Ruddock gets his swearing from his mother. It’s 10am on a Tuesday and in the den at the back of his house ‘Razor’ doesn’t hold back with the Fs and Cs. But the swearing comes naturally, and as Billy Connolly once suggested, there can be a poetry to it, which is certainly true in Ruddock’s cockney drawl. It is sometimes crass, or superfluous, but it’s also who Ruddock is. He’s the son of a swearer, so naturally he became one. Related: Paul Parker: 'I'd bring the lager. Rocky would bring brandy and Babycham' Ronnie Moran ran out of ultrasound gel, so he ran to the kitchen to get some washing-up liquid insteadMarbella 199???? Sporting half an eyebrow after @Robbie9Fowler scalped me! @RealRazor @robbiewilliams phil Babb John Barnes Ron Yate...
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