Joe Cole: 'I learned so much – I'm sure one day I'll return to Chelsea'

Former England midfielder has stepped down from a role at Chelsea’s academy and has big plansThe thought of Joe Cole managing is intriguing. At West Ham he was a prodigy who lacked the end product and awareness to go with his imagination on the ball. He was a success at Chelsea, adding substance and oomph to his game under José Mourinho, but it was often hard not to wonder whether English football truly knew what to do with him. There was a sense he had more to give, if only he had received a touch more guidance in his youth and more freedom to express himself when he was older.One criticism was that Cole did not have enough tactical intelligence to play as a No 10. At West Ham no trick was beyond his capabilities but he never scored more than five goals a season. At international level he was often stuck on the left and played in conservative Engla...
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