Premier League team news - November 10-11

Sportsmail brings you the latest squad news on every Premier League team as it breaks. Find out who is fighting fit and who is sitting on the sidelines for the games on November 10-11.

Take Over Of Leeds Lost In Translation

So, yesterday, ahead of the Watford game, the BBC proclaimed that the take over of Leeds United FC was "imminent" and predicted that it "could happen within days". Well yes it could, but then again, i...

Hodgson Overlooks West Ham Players Again!

So what is it with Woy? Is he trying to endear himself with the Liverpool fans after his unhappy time with the club? Why are Shelvey and Sterling in the squad, but Noble and Nolan aren't?Nolan, for me...

Fernandes Turns Off Transfer Tap At QPR

Has Fernandes blown his wad? He's stepping back in Formula 1 and has now said that there will be no splurge of money in the January transfer window. The Malaysian West Ham fan pointedly says that Hugh...

Leeds v Watford: Gung Ho Versus Gok Wan!

So Old Big Gob has decided to throw caution to the wind and go on to the offensive. Stung by statistics which show that Leeds have had less shots than any other team in the division and less shots on ...