How Gnabry Became World Class After He Wasn’t Good Enough for West Brom

Football can be funny sometimes. Serge Gnabry destroyed his second London club this season, scoring a brace against Chelsea for Bayern Munich’s 3-0 victory in the Champions League last night. It was a masterful display from the forward and I think very few people doubt that Gnabry is world-class nowadays.

And yet, several years ago the youngster was labeled “not
good enough” to start for West Bromwich Albion by Toni Pulis, of all people.

So it got me thinking, how did Gnabry develop from not good
enough for West Brom to a Bayern Munich and Germany star? Let’s take a look at
the path of the player since his early days.

Early Development and Move to Wenger’s Arsenal

Serge Gnabry showed a lot of talent for sports in his early days
and was torn between football and athletics. He e...
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