Are this season's Premier League kits the worst of all time?

Arsenal's sock-inspired sleeves, Fulham's pinstrips and Manchester United's tartan all point to a tops-and-shorts nadirThere have been monstrosities in the past and there will be monstrosities in the future. And, true, this season's Premier League home kits don't throw up any true horrors – the guano effect that sullied Liverpool's red shirts between 1989 and '91, the awful lace-up shirts Manchester United sported from 1992 to '94 – but that's about all to say in favour of this season's kits. The modern demand that kits must be changed every season in order to fleece money out of people who believe they must be up to date to support their team is ruining our kits. Tiny, incremental change every year means even the simplest kits are sporting silly fripperies. It doesn't matter if it looks good, so long as it is recognisably different from last year's...
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